Our dearest environment fighters, slow fashion supporter, vegans, FAIRshionistas, recycling experts, bike riders,

THANK YOU! For taking responsibility and for making an effort to get the best out of the critical environmental situation we are in. You will be the ones that our children and grandchildren will thank one day. Instead of blaming other parties for the causes of climate change, plastic pollution, and whatnot, you are part of the change and take your role in defining the future of our planet.

We know that being you is not the easy path. Every easy day to day situation gets difficult when you always have to question: “Where did this come from?“, “What is it made of?“, “Who produced this in what conditions?“, “How did this get here?“.. And unfortunately also “Whom can I really trust?“. You probably know best that whatever is labelled “Green” doesn’t necessarily mean that there is “Green” inside. 

We took the same path. We carefully chose every component of our product and packaging, chose a production place where we could just step by to say “hi” and try to keep our supply chain as controllable and clean as possible. We know we are not perfect yet, but we are working every day on getting better and with every step we take, we have our environment on top of our mind. 

The WONDA office is a glasshouse

We cannot offer perfection, but what we can offer is being fully transparent with what we do, so that you at least don’t have to spend hours doing research. And: other brands can learn from what we do to make it easier for them to take the sustainable path. And that profits all of us, right?

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