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Fashion hacks for FAIRshionistas

We believe that being sustainable doesn’t mean that we have to compromise on looking just amazing and showing our personal style. Buying sustainable clothes is already a good step in the right direction. But to become a real FAIRshionista, there is so much more fun things to do that help you to find and support your style. And the good news is: There are ways that don’t have a negative impact on the environment, the life of the people working in the fashion industry and our future generations.

To support you being a FAIRshionista à la Emma Watson, we created this “Fabulous for Future” blog series.

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Fabulous for future movement

Since Greta Thunberg’s introduction of the Fridays for Future, there have been a bunch of movements going on against environmental harmful institutions, products, processes and habits. They are promoting consciousness, transparency and action in the name of our environment.

Scientists for future, tech for future, and many more. The parties involved started these movements because they have the skills to make an impact, but also because their industry is responsible for climate change and other environmental threats. The fashion industry is one of the biggest industry in this world. Every 6th employee is working in the textile industry worldwide. Therefore, every one of us is somehow connected with that industry – most likely as a consumer. But unfortunately: the fashion industry is also one of the biggest polluters of our environment:

the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our environment
  • The production of a single Jeans consumes in average 7000 litres water 
  • The fashion industry consumes 30% of all chemicals used worldwide (20.000 different chemicals btw)
  • With every washing cycle in your washing machine, 700.000 microfibres get washed out of the fabric and most of them cannot be filtered out by the machine and end up in our wastewater
  • In average our clothes are worn 4 times before they get sorted out and either end in landfills and get burnt or hopefully go to second-hand (Statistics gathered by FEMNET).

The good news is: Since we FAIRshionistas have this connection to the industry, we have the possibility to really make a change – and also the responsibility if we’re honest about it. Therefore we want to start a new movement of being, looking, feeling, living FABULOUS FOR FUTURE! Are you up for that challenge? Doesn’t sound too hard, right?

Kickstart your FAIRshionista career

You ask yourself how you can prepare for that challenge of becoming a FAIRshionista?! If you really want to understand what threats the fashion industry bears, we would recommend you to watch the Netflix documentation “The True Cost”. Although we already had an idea about the impact of the industry, seeing real pictures and hearing real stories really gave us another push to take action. Take that push, if you want!

If you are ready to become a FAIRshionista, read here our first blog article from our FABULOUS FOR FUTURE series. 

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