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Who still believes that the behaviour of a single person has no impact on the future of our planet or our society probably lives in another universe. The consequences of that thinking and the proofs for the contrary are visible all over the place.

1. We are close to crossing the capacity border of our planet in so many different ways BECAUSE of the actions and behaviours of every single one of us. Obviously fighting the threats that arose from these actions, every single one of us has to participate.

2. Living in a world in that

  • a president’s tweets impact financial markets,
  • products that you are interested in are following you through the web,
  • one person evaluates and controls the life of 1.4 billion Chinese inhabitants,
  • elections in a democracy are only free and equal to a point that the cross is apparently made by a person’s truthful conclusion of fake news,
  • a single influencer on Instagram can decide on the success or failure of a brand or an institution,

impact gets a whole new meaning. Why are we not using the knowledge and power of these people to really make a change?

About this blog category

In this category, you will get inspired by stories from people who were able to make a change for the sake of our planet.

And if you are ready for that challenge, we want to support you to become a changemaker. We want to share with you what we are learning on our way to make an impact on our world and want to identify with you what little things we can do to participate in making this world a better place.