Surfrider x WONDA

At WONDA we share the mission to make an impact even beyond using fair production practices and recycled fabrics for our swimwear. We want to use the strength of our brand and community to contribute to making a change in the world.

Today we are very proud to say that we have partnered with the Lisbon Surfrider Foundation and decided to donate 1€ of every order through our online shop to them.

What does the Lisbon Surfrider Foundation do?

Lisbon Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to protect and showcase the importance of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves, and coastlines along Portugal. It was important for us to choose a local partner which is equally connected to our beloved oceans as us and shares the same mission of fighting plastic pollution in our oceans.

Kick-off beach cleanup in Lisbon

In order to launch our partnership, we have done a beach clean up together. 30 motivated volunteers showed up Saturday morning and helped us to keep the beautiful beaches around Lisbon clean. The amount of microplastic we found on the beaches was shocking! Together with the Surfrider Foundation, we are planning on continuously doing these events in order to increase our local impact, raise awareness and help fight the challenges our environment is currently facing.

If you want to support us in organizing such events or have other ideas to rescue our oceans that you would like to realize with us and/ or Surfrider, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!

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