Conscious Christmas at WONDA

There is no doubt about the fact that Christmas is anything but good for our environment. We would like to show you how we at WONDA are trying to distance ourselves from the habits that are related to Christmas.

The true cost of Christmas consumption

The holiday season drives consumption to a ridiculous whole new level where people often end up buying things the recipients might not even like or use. Everything – even the smallest things – get wrapped up in wrapping paper creating huge amounts of unnecessary waste.

Companies and brands use this time of the year and the consumer behaviour to maximize their profits by offering discounts, selling their products for the cheapest prices. With actions like this people forget what the true cost behind these products is. They simply get dragged into this mass consumption. The overload of bullshitting marketing and promotional campaigns simply manipulates people’s minds and lets them forget what negative causes actually come along with the Christmas season.

No hunt for discounts with WONDA. Sorry, not sorry!

At WONDA we support a conscious Christmas, we don’t want to support this ridiculous mass consumption of products which the recipients might not even love and we don’t do discounts just to drive our sales. This is why we have thought about a very special Christmas Campaign for you guys.

We have an alternative with purpose for you instead

We have designed some super cool and sparkly Christmas Gift Boxes. With our gift boxes nothing can go wrong, as every single one of them has the purpose of finding the perfect fit and makes your beloved ones feel just as beautiful as they are to us!

With our gift boxes, you are paying the price we need to set in order to make up for fair production, using sustainable materials & sustainable packaging and ethical working conditions. However, since its Christmas, we do want to give something to our amazing customers and supporters. That’s why we tuned our gift boxes with:

  • A 15-minutes fit consultation session with our fit experts so that we can make sure that the recipient will find the bikini set that fits her individual body best;
  • A super cool eco-glitter bottle from The Sparkle Effect that can also be worn as a necklace and brings sparkly holiday celebrations;
  • A customizable triangle gift box with a bunch of WONDAful compliments.

So if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas present: With our gift boxes, we will make sure that your beloved ones will not only love their present but also that it will fit and can be worn and used for a very long time.

Have a WONDAful sparkly Christmas and happy conscious holidays!

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