It’s time to say ‘Thank you’

Share your gratitude!

When was the last time that you showed someone your gratitude?

Not only that you make that person smile, there is so much in for yourself as well!

It strengthens your relationship towards the other person because it expresses your respect for his or her actions. This then builds confidence and prosperity – 2 of the basic need of a person that will not only make their life better but also will come back to you especially when this person is closely connected to you.

On top of that, showing gratitude helps your own psychological well-being as it makes you consciously feel thankful. Why is this so important? Thankfulness is one of the key factors of luck, happiness, and fulfilment. Therefore making yourself conscious about what you are thankful for and expressing it by making a thank you gift or by writing a thank you note will eventually make you feel happier and more satisfied in life!

How to find the right gift?

Giving is easy when you know exactly what the other person likes or needs. Being attentive to little hints is crucial to succeed smash hit gifting. But let’s be honest: We know that is really tough to hit the nail on the head from the experience we have from receiving gifts.

The right gift though expresses empathy and can strengthen your relationship with the other person even more and also helps not to boost overconsumption. So how can we make sure to find a thank you gift that is useful and has a personal touch?

A gift that sticks and lasts: Our WONDA voucher

Give options! Gift vouchers are a safe choice when it comes to gifting. Identify what brands she may like. Wouldn’t it be great if she could then choose something that lasts for years and will always remind her about your special unexpected gesture? You should consider gifting our WONDA vouchers of different values. Timeless high-quality swim & sportswear from a sustainable brand build on values instead of profit will definitely make her happy for several years. Is that concept s something that she would identify with? As we based our product development on loads of research you better trust us with what women really need.

We know that vouchers may come across as not personal enough: Not at WONDA though! You can choose different voucher values and make the voucher card super personal. Just send us a picture of you and your friend, add a personal note and we will do the magic. We also offer a free 15-minute, personal, zoom consultation session for your friend. In this way, we will make sure that she finds her perfect fit and favourite piece. Every time she wears this timeless piece, she will be reminded of you and your gratitude.

Food is always a good idea

Food is a great idea because everyone loves it and it is definitely no waste as it gets consumed. Your friend is a Pizza lover, has a sweet tooth or loves to enjoy a well-mixed drink? What about a surprise delivery that speaks for itself? Pizza services nowadays deliver personalized messages with their food. Let it drop at your friend’s house or office right before lunch or dinner. Leave a thank you chocolate like this eco-friendly version from nu-pro on your colleague’s desk or a cupcake with a thank you topping.

Make it easy

We know, pictures say more than a 1000 words and so do actions, but sometimes words can be powerful too. Let your friend, colleague,… know why you appreciate her. Write a letter, hide notes with different statements all over her belongings, or make it public on social media, so that others can profit from your positive vibes and might get infected by your enthusiasm.

Happy gifting!

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