It’s time to say ‘happy birthday’

Everyone of us is surrounded by so many people that we care about. That we love to spend time with. That we love to spoil every now and then. Especially on their special day: when it is their birthday. An amazing occasion where we can make that one person feel super special, loved and celebrated.

Best friends living the Van life in WONDA Bikinis

How to find the right gift?

And there is usually no better way to do so than with a great birthday present. However, when it comes to finding the perfect gift, I think we can all agree that at times it can be a bit of a struggle. To find that perfect birthday present. To find something your friends actually needs. Something she really likes. So that she’ll use it a lot and for a long time. Pretty much finding something that is really worth investing your money in.

The risks of gifting clothes (for our planet)

Especially when it comes to clothes, taste differs and we never know what exact size will eventually fit. And even if you go all in and purchase a piece for your friend, it is often the case that they are too shy to tell you they might not like it or that it doesn’t fit. And we definitely don’t want this to happen, the piece will end up in your friends closet and will never be worn. Not nice for you, your friend nor our beloved environment. Over 40% of people own clothes that are not worn because they’ve gotten it as a gift and they either don’t really like it or it doesn’t fit. This is definitely something that should be avoided.

A gift that fits and lasts: Our WONDA voucher

So why not give something that your friend actually likes and that really fits? Because she can choose it herself. Why not give something that lasts? Because it gives her access to high quality timeless designs that she can use for several seasons and years. One of our WONDA vouchers. We know that maybe vouchers can sometimes come across as not personal enough: Not with us! You can choose the individual voucher value and make the voucher card super personal with sending us a photo that we will integrate into the card. We will also offer a free 15-minute, personal, zoom consultation session for your friend. This way we make sure that she’ll find her perfect fit and a piece that she will love for ages. A birthday present that couldn’t be more thought-out and sustainable.

Eco-friendly surprise party alternatives

And if your friend is still unsure what to do for her birthday, here are 3 ideas for some fun activities that at the same time do good for our beloved environment:

Clothes swap. We all have clothes that have been sitting in our closet for a while now because we don’t like to wear them anymore. This doesn’t mean that your friends don’t. Invite your girlfriends over and ask each to bring 10 items from their closet. Happy swapping!

Host a (dinner) party. For this, you only need to adjust your mindset for a couple of things in order to least impact our environment. Use only reusable and no disposable decoration, cups, cutlery etc. Ditch Balloons. Serve healthier treats. Maybe even opt for a specific theme where you ask each one to read himself into a little so that you can have some interesting, rich conversations around it.

Clean Up. If the weather plays along why not spend your birthday outside for a nice walk at one of your favourite spots? It doesn’t matter whether its the beach, forest or just somewhere in the city center – anywhere you like. Combine it with a super fun clean up. Just bring a bag and a glove for each of your friends and you can all together pick up a piece of trash here and there on your walk. An easy, active and cheap activity. So much fun, believe us!

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