It’s time to say ‘goodbye’

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Why are we celebrating such a sad occasion like a farewell? Isn’t it hard enough to leave your comfort zone, your friends, and the place you know behind? Why confronting yourself with that struggle?

You usually leave your comfort zone because you want to start a new adventure. A new job. A new city. Maybe even a new country. A new relationship. A fresh start. Because for most people change is a challenge, who could support and encourage you better than your closest friends?

A farewell is a great opportunity as well to look back and be thankful for the time and the people you leave behind. Those people will be the ones who know you the best and they are the ones who can build you up and make you face the challenge with arm wide open and with confidence.

And in fact, nowadays a distance is not really a reason anymore to not stay in touch and to keep each other updated. Therefore, you can easily put the new adventure in the centre of attention and celebrate the experiences that you are going to make. Sharing your excitement. I couldn’t imagine a better reason to celebrate actually.

How to find the right gift?

2 options: You either get something that remembers your friend about you and the time that you spent together and or you give something that reminds her of you. Something that she will find useful for her upcoming journey and that accompanies her in her day to day life. Something that makes her feel strong and confident. For the first option, we can’t really help you. Collect some pictures, videos or things that connect you. But for the second option, we have got an idea for you!

A gift that sticks and lasts: Our WONDA voucher

Our high-quality swim and sportswear products will be definitely something that accompanies your friend for several years as they are made to last! All our products are designed with body diversity in mind and are made to feel confident and powerful! Gift vouchers are a safe choice when it comes to gifting. Therefore, with one of our WONDA gift voucher, you can make sure that she will find something that she will love – not only this season but for ages! If she appreciates timeless high-quality designs from a sustainable brand built on values instead of profit, there is nothing that can go wrong with this choice.  

We know that vouchers may come across as not personal enough: Not at WONDA though! You can choose different voucher values and make the voucher card super personal. Just send us a picture of you and your friend, add a personal note and we will do the magic. We also offer a free 15-minute, personal, zoom consultation session for your friend. In this way, we will make sure that she finds her perfect fit and favourite piece. Every time she wears this timeless piece, she will be reminded of you.

Collect memories

Yes, it is true that recalling all the great memories that you had together, won’t make it easier to say goodbye. But: it is not to be foreseen whether everything will run super smoothly in the new future or if it takes a bit to get used to the new environment. In situations which let you feel lonely or a bit depressed, it is great to remember that you have a bunch of people behind you that believe in you no matter what. During the farewell party (this also works virtually as we can’t really make parties nowadays), collect little notes from everyone in a jar with the best memories they had with the person who leaves. In the future, whenever there is a little sign of loneliness coming up, you can then take a “bite” from the memory jar and you’ll know that you are not alone.

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