Not only that it is much more convenient for you to find your perfect bikini set at the first attempt, but also the main environmental threat that online shopping bears is the immense and unnecessary carbon pollution due to return shipping. Every day the pollution from returns equals 2200 car rides from Hamburg to Moskow – in Germany only!

Big fashion companies have made it a standard to buy before you think because their return policies encourage us to do so.

For the environment, for yourself and also for us: THINK BEFORE YOU BUY.

If you follow these instructions, we are pretty confident that you can find your perfectly WONDA bikini at the first attempt:


We developed a questionnaire that will help you to identify what bikini style and size is best for your individual body requirements.

The test is no guarantee for finding the correct size and style that you will need and love, however we believe it is a good indicator for you.


Please try to carefully read our fitting advice that you can find in every product description.

You might also want to browse all product pictures that for some products show different bodies wearing the same bikini. We are working on adding additional pictures showing more diverse bodies in the future.


Please measure your underbreast and your hips in order to get a proxy for what size you might need and compare your measures to our sizing tables.


Step 4: HAVE FUN

Shop with your friends!

This might sound weird when you think about online shopping at first, but it has some advantages:

1. Your friends sometimes have a more objective view of your body and can be very helpful in advising you.

2. If you choose to order your bikinis together, you will save carbon for shipping,

3. And especially: you will have a lot of fun trying your bikinis.


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